Second Hand Chest of Drawers

Find the perfect chest of drawers on our site at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay compared to buying in a high street Furniture store. The great thing about second hand furniture is that you can get high quality pieces for a lot less than the price it would cost brand new. The majority of chest of drawers on this site are in as new condition and because the owners are looking to free up space in their home, they are sold at great prices. You can find a chest of drawers locally and either pick them up or arrange for delivery.

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There are many different shapes, sizes and styles to pick from no matter what your taste or existing decor in your house. There are some great pieces made from expensive woods and hand crafted, although we also showcase a great range of cheaper chest of drawers for those looking for a bargain. Many people kitting out their new home can buy these in used condition for their bedroom or indeed living room depending on the use you have for them.

You will also find antique chest of drawers which have been hand crafted and come in either brilliant condition or ready to be restored. You can search for the exact type you need by using the search box and narrow down by not only price, but distance if you are looking to collect the drawers. Whatever type you pick you are sure to get a fantastic discount over the retail price!