Second Hand Patio Heaters

We all like to spend time in our garden when the weather is nice, but sometimes it is just a bit too chilly, especially towards the evening time. Patio Heaters are a great way to enjoy your garden on those slightly chilly days and there are many different ranges of heaters depending on what you need. Patio Heaters can be quite expensive, especially if you want a gas heater as they tend to be bigger and you have to spend money buying additional gas once it has run out.

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If you want to buy a patio heater but are put off because of the price, there are many second hand patio heaters being sold at a fraction of the price of brand new patio heaters. Not only are they cheaper, a lot of used patio heaters are in good condition because they tend not to be used much due to the unpredictable English weather!

With the money you save buying a second hand patio heater, you can use that money towards it’s running costs as gas heaters will need refilling and electric heaters will use your electricity -but not as much as you may initially think! If you are reluctant to buy a gas heater or cannot buy an electric heater because you do not have a plug nearby, a chimenea is a great option as they are free to use and you can dispose of any unwanted wood you have sat round in your garden!